Learn At Joe’s aims to deliver an easily approachable source for introductory to intermediate level self-led study and interest-sparking of various topics typically viewed as difficult to access.  Namely: electronics, computers/IT, and software development.

OR: my attempt of providing a knowledge transfer of basic skills in these topics backed by practical experience as a viable alternative to many contemporary corporate-interest backed “STEM agendas” that seem to only give sand-boxed widget based tutorials and/or proprietary commercialized toys that have limited real-usage applications.

In the quest of making content most accessible, in comprehension and practicality of trying things out, Learn At Joe’s will attempt to present material that adheres to the following:

  • Start with basic concepts to build fundamental understanding, with pointers to resources for further information should the reader be interested in continuing into advanced discussion.
  • Propose examples to follow along that require the least resources possible from the reader by:
    • Suggesting free or low-cost tools, kits, parts, hardware, etc, when available and applicable.
    • Considering use of commonly available household items if they’re close enough to reinforce the topic at hand.
    • For items/parts needed for an experiment, take into consideration what and from-where is easily accessible for the reader to acquire.
    • Propose use of tools and utilities that are available on widest range of potential platforms used by the reading audience.
  • Make it fun and engaging to continue reading.

Target audience: if you can read and follow instructions, have a grasp of basic math, and have an interest in the topics presented.  In reality, this could translate to anyone between elementary/middle school students, a curious career professional, or home hobbyist.

In closing, Learn At Joe’s is my project as an outlet to mentor and inspire others.  In addition to formal higher-education, I’ve learned innumerable lots from various resources made available, often free, and I’d like to continue that spirit of continual accessible learning.

Joe Winn


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