Bluetooth Low Energy STM32WB55 Eval Kit Unboxing

Bluetooth Low Energy STM32WB55 Eval Kit Unboxing

I’ve been working on a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based project for the past year, using the Nordic nRF52 integrated SoC. Its powered by a 64MHz ARM Cortex M4 core and Nordic provides good software stack and SDK support.

In keeping up with current industry developments, I was excited to hear about a month ago that STMicroelectronics announced their BLE SoC kit: the STM32WB.

I’ve also worked with ST microcontrollers for the past several years, and they also provide good chip level driver library support. The eye-catcher on their BLE chip is that it’s a dual-core design: A 64MHz ARM Cortex M4 to run the application, paired with a 32MHz Cortex M0+ core to run the wireless stack.

After a few weeks of scoping limited inventory, I was able to score an Eval kit:

One of the nice options in working with ARM microcontrollers is that we’re spoiled for choice on IDE options. The Free option is the one I featured today: GNU MCU Eclipse. It is a bit of a setup/install process, but the guide is pretty straightforward and it gets you a $0 development environment that is not feature or code-size limited.

4 thoughts on “Bluetooth Low Energy STM32WB55 Eval Kit Unboxing

    1. I’ve followed through some labs at a workshop, but definitely not fluent in their API to setup BLE stack on my own yet.

  1. Hello Joe,
    I am working as an intern this summer as an embedded systems engineer and I am working with this Bluetooth development board. I have the two boards connected but am not sure how to communicate from here. I am thinking that because the boards are already connected that I just need to send data over the usart but I am not sure on the protocol for acknowledgement between the two. Have you done any programs with the board yet? I would really appreciate some insight/help.



    1. Hi Joe: Its been a busy few months since I’ve checked in here. I haven’t done much programs on this platform yet, but I was able to attend a ST workshop about a 2 months ago that walked thru some setup and communications demos, as well as setting up custom profile characteristics. I’d have to review the notes. As much as I was excited about this platform at announcement, there is a gap in documentation and community support compared to Nordic. But is par for vendor entry.

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